4th Annual Whimsical Winter Wonder… Exhibition

4th Annual Whimsical Winter Wonder...Exhibition

I’ll again be a part of “A Whimsical Winter Wonder…” exhibition, the second time in succession, after one of my artworks was selected by a jury of NYC Park members. Unlike last year, where there were only five other artists, this time the field has expanded to 17, and my work will be shown along with those of B. Beck, N. Beck, N. Benignus, C. Corrigan, M. Freiberghaus, Nishanth Gopinathan, R. Henao, A. Levy, M. Mandel, J. Musillo, O. Newton, G. Sabiti, R. Sahu, J. Velazquez and C. Xochitl. The art works include photography, paintings, sculptures, textiles, and mixed media art.

The exhibition starts on December 1st 2016 and will end on January 28th 2017.