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4th Annual Whimsical Winter Wonder... Exhibition

I’ll again be a part of “A Whimsical Winter Wonder…” exhibition, the second time in succession, after one of my artworks was selected by a jury of NYC Park members. Unlike last year, where there were only five other artists, this time the field has expanded to 17, and my work will be shown along with those of B. Beck, N. Beck, N. Benignus, C. Corrigan, M. Freiberghaus, Nishanth Gopinathan, R. Henao, A. Levy, M. Mandel, J. Musillo, O. Newton, G. Sabiti, R. Sahu, J. Velazquez and C. Xochitl. The art works include photography, paintings, sculptures, textiles, and mixed media art.

The exhibition starts on December 1st 2016 and will end on January 28th 2017.

In the News: Bronx Times


“Whimsical Winter Wonder artists meet-and-greet” by Steven Goodstein
March 18, 2016: 2016, Issue 13

The Poe Park Visitor Center recently closed its third annual Whimsical Winter Wonder, but not before showing it one last time with the exhibition’s artists on hand for a meet-and-greet with visitors. The exhibit featured over 20 pieces of work from emerging and established artists who call the Bronx their home. The artists, Earnesto Camacho, Nishanth Gopinathan and Nidhin Nishanth, answered questions and discussed their art pieces.


Reach Reporter Steven Goodstein at (718) 260-4599. E-mail him at

Third annual Whimsical Winter Wonder exhibition at Poe Park
Photo by Silvio Pacifico
Nishanth Gopinathan (l) and Nidhin Nishanth (r) sit next to their artwork pieces with Deepthi Nishanth.

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Bronx Times Reporter and Bronx Times newspapers

Bronx Times Reporter and Bronx Times newspapers
Print version of Bronx Times Reporter and Bronx Times

Just sold one of my canvases!

I sold my first canvas ever today to an art collector from the Bronx. Though I have been selling prints and other photography products online, this was my first ever offline sale. It was a piece that was named “A Bronx Sunrise”

Here is “A Bronx Sunrise” on
Nidhin Nishanth - Art Online

Whimsical Winter Wonder Art - Opening Reception

The opening reception for my photo exhibition was on Saturday, Dec 5, 2015. I got a chance to meet the other artists and also talk about what inspires me to take photos and also what I hope to accomplish as a photographer.

My photos will be on display at the Poe Park Visitor center till Feb 27th, 2016. Hope those of you in the area will stop by and check out my artwork.

You can buy my artwork from FAA

Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood Association calendar 2016

Some of my shots are included in the first ever SPNA Calendar 2016. You can get a copy from their website at

Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood Association (SPNA) serves one of New York’s most pleasant communities, both diverse and stable, from East 14th Street north to East 23rd Street and from Stuyvesant Town west toward Irving Place and Gramercy Park.

SPNA Dog Park calendar
SPNA Dog Park calendar 2016

3rd Annual Whimsical Winter Wonder exhibition

Three of my photos were selected for the Whimsical Winter Wonder… exhibition at the Poe Park Visitor Center in Poe Park, Bronx, NY. Whimsical Winter Wonder…Opening Reception details.

The Poe Park Visitor Center is proud to present its 3rd annual Whimsical Winter Wonder… exhibition. This season’s event features works from emerging and established artists from the Bronx. Participating artists include Rhonda Asher, Ernesto Camacho, Elaine Langer, Amarylis Leon, Abraham Levy, Nishanth Gopinathan, Nidhin Nishanth, Miriam Quin and James Rodriguez

This event repeats every week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 12/1/2015 and 2/27/2016.

You can buy my artwork from FAA

Whimsical Winter Wonder
Whimsical Winter Wonder at Poe Park Visitors Center

Whimsical Winter Wonder...Exhibition
Whimsical Winter Wonder…Exhibition